Introducing the world’s largest unified TV intelligence network


Bringing together paid and earned media monitoring, measurement and signaling across local, national and global markets

Historically, TV measurement has been limited to paid advertising, overlooking the impact and return on brand exposure within the content — where audiences are most engaged. As advertisers and agencies evolve their paid TV strategies to include earned media and brand sponsorship, they need TV monitoring, measurement and signaling solutions that reach across local, national and even global markets. Kinetiq’s global TV intelligence network identifies brand mentions, second by second across thousands of TV Stations, enabling brands to evaluate TV and video with the same speed, accuracy and agility as digital.


Together, iQ Media and Teletrax bring Kinetiq’s clients the most comprehensive understanding of TV performance currently on the market, including:

TV & Media Monitoring
The ability to track and evaluate the entirety of earned media coverage, with unparalleled access to real-time and historical broadcast TV and media content — including more than 40 million hours of TV programming.

Content Identification and Tracking
Kinetiq employs fingerprinting and watermarking capabilities to offer global insight into where, when and for how long your content was broadcast.

Ad Catalogue as a Service
Kinetiq’s growing ad catalog boasts more than 500,000 indexed ads from over 32,000 brands. The company plans to make the catalogue widely available, via subscription, for competitive analysis and creative auditing. The catalogue spans all 210 U.S. DMAs and national ads across the 85 markets Kinetiq serves.

Sponsorship Measurement
A unified understanding of how brand sponsorships, in the form of events, athletes, product placements and properties, are performing in- and out-of-event across live TV.

TV Attribution
Through a network of connected smart TVs, Kinetiq can link TV brand exposures to household-level data and brands’ first party data — measuring ROI across paid, earned and sponsorship.

Second Screen Signaling
Kinetiq can activate ads on mobile devices and computers any time a brand is seen or heard on TV through signals sent to media buying platforms, including search, social media, mobile and digital.


Low-Latency Signaling
Earned Television Monitoring
Paid Television Ad Monitoring
Water Marking Detection

Earned Television Monitoring
Paid Television Monitoring
Integrated Media
Audience Impact

Sponsorship ROI
Custom Attribution
Custom Audience and Indexing
Water Marking Aggregation
DRM and Auditing

Data Delivered Your Way.

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